In the wake of California’s ‘Yes means Yes’ law requiring affirmative consent on college campuses, UnderAlarmer has launched its new product: ‘Yes = Call Me Panties.’   We tested the Silicon Valley startup’s flagship ‘Yes = Call Me Panties’ over the weekend and report our findings. 

Combining wearable technology with a mobile phone app, the ‘Yes = Call Me Panties’ might become a necessity for both women and men in today’s climate of accessible alcohol and casual hookups.  UnderAlarmer’s cotton briefs come with an accelerometer and Bluetooth chip embedded in the seam that can talk to a wearer’s cell phone.  When the panties are removed, an automated call to the wearer’s cell phone is triggered, requiring the user to input a personal code to acknowledge consent to the clothing removal.  If consent is not properly given, the system escalates, calling another approved party or engaging a local alert that turns on the phone’s video camera, depending on the settings.

Bathroom visits can prove to be challenging, though.  We triggered a 911 call two times during our testing.  UnderAlarmer says it is working on the issue and will roll out a software upgrade soon.