Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke, John Hawkes and Emily Watson are at base camp, acclimating to the altitude and preparing to summit Everest. One of them will die, but we don’t know which one. Some minor characters will also die, but we won’t be all that bothered about them.

As they wait at base camp, our five adventurers are warned that they shouldn’t attempt to summit for various reasons: the weather, too many people on the mountain, inexperience, etc. They are undaunted and joke and kid each other like manly men (and one woman). One of them, the good guy, does sympathetic things, like helping the Sherpas, while another one, the bad guy, does insensitive things, like abusing the Sherpas.

In time, they all head for the summit. The weather changes for the worse, and indeed there are too many people on the mountain. One of our heroes dies. Now we know which one, and though we haven’t seen the film, we predict it will be John Hawkes because he is the least recognizable of the four male leading actors.

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