Tom Brady’s wife and supermodel Gisele Bündchen is under investigation for allegedly deflating the breast implants of a rival model before a fashion show.

“Gisele make me to drink tea before show and I pass out,” said Elena Maria Olazábal Buttinskaya, a Russian-Venezuelan model with the Ford Modeling Agency. “Later I do catwalk and my breasts give big pain.”

Buttinskaya claimed it was only when she removed her bra backstage that she noticed the actual difference in her breasts. “They used to be so up high,” she said. “Now they saggy like old man.”

A subsequent examination confirmed that silicone had indeed been removed from Buttinskaya’s implants. Bündchen and her husband, New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, are denying any involvement in the affair, which is currently being investigated by New York State and international modelling authorities.

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