Having equipped more than 11 million cars with software that enabled them to cheat on emissions tests, Volkswagen ex-CEO, Martin Winterkorn, is starting a new business that will allow students to cheat on the SAT, ACT and other critical exams.

The Beetle CheatWatch will look like a digital timepiece, displaying accurate time when not engaged. However, when tapped with a No. 2 pencil, the watch will reveal scientific and algebraic equations, vocabulary words, and other information on demand.

“We did two things well at Volkswagen,” Winterkorn said. “Manufacture automobiles and cheat on tests. I’ve chosen to use the latter as a business model going forward.”

Winterkorn is currently raising money for his start-up company and hopes to launch the Beetle CheatWatch 1.0 by the fall of 2016.

“We’re applying new technology to an old problem,” the ex-CEO added. “The days of writing answers on your sleeve, hiding crib notes in your mouth, and faking illness to go to the bathroom are over.”

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