Two hobbyists working out of a garage have created what they claim to be the world’s cheapest electric car. “We were tired of the 1% getting all the government rebates for e-cars,” said businessman Frank Rudyard.

“The real innovation is the body,” said partner Thomas Kipling. “My grandpa had one of those ‘woodies’ back in the good old days when everyone smoked and no one wore seat belts. I had a photo pinned in the garage, and we just kind of went for it and made the entire body out of balsa wood, which is glued around the tinfoil frame. Though we used military grade foil, we think the balsa wood adds necessary rigidity. Otherwise, a stiff wind would blow the whole thing flat.”

“This car is as safe as the driver is lucky,” said Rudyard when asked about safety ratings.  “It’s sort of like running with mechanical bulls in Pamplona.

Another standout feature is the car’s powertrain, which mounts a modified hairdryer motor connected to the drive wheels by recycled rubber bands. “The car runs hot and you need a long cord in an large empty space,” Kipling explained, “so we’re looking at the Arctic Circle as a test market.”