In the wake of claims in the book Breaking Cardinal Rules that a former staffer at the University of Louisville hired prostitutes to have sex with recruits, as well as former NBA and University of Michigan basketball player Jalen Rose’s assertion that as a prospect on a recruiting trip, “If I’m not getting laid, I’m not comin’. I’m not signin’,” (Jalen & Jacoby at 09:30 mark) former NCAA prostitute recruiter, Rod McBally, has decided to come clean.

“Everyone thinks it’s about recruiting the best athletes, and it is,” McBally said. “But how do you do that? The best athletes want the hottest women. It was my job to recruit those women, bring them in-house, give them scholarships. That’s the foundation of a winning team. Louisville’s problem was that they outsourced it.”

McBally, who has worked on coaching staffs in the Big Ten, Pac-12 and SEC, and who recently accepted a marketing position with a large pharmaceutical company, said the ‘Lay for a BA’ practice is widespread. “You can’t attract 5-Star recruits with 1-Star women. I can tell you from years of experience… that ain’t happening.”

Asked if he had any ethical qualms about pimping out young women, he responded, “The women were getting a free college education. You can’t put a price tag on that. Often I could get them shoe deals as well. Peep-toe pumps and stilletos, all free. My only problem was when people referred to them as ‘funtime mattress mamas’ or ‘freakified ball babes.’ You’ve got to remember that these young women were working toward their degrees. Student-prostitutes, is what they were. Student-prostitutes.”

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