The San Diego Chargers have long been threatening to move to Los Angeles unless the City of San Diego foots the bill for a new stadium, but recently the Chargers have taken that demand one step further: They want taxpayers to pay for players as well.

“I’m tired of San Diegans complaining about how they want a Super Bowl team here,” said Chargers CEO Dean Spanos. “You want us to stay? You want a winner? All the city has to do, in addition to building us a brand new stadium, is issue a municipal bond for couple hundred million and turn that money over to the team. That would allow us to not only pay our current players but also go after highly desired free agents.”

When asked why the City of San Diego, with more than 14% of its citizens living below the poverty line, should subsidize an already profitable business for owners with wealth estimated at $1.69 billion, Spanos replied, “Who else is gonna do it?”

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