Writer Paul Theroux’s supposition that former cannibals eat Spam because it tastes like human flesh has been confirmed by ex-cannibal, Maku Ubu Ruru-Stevenson.

Ruru-Stevenson became a vegetarian over 30 years ago when the rival tribes of his island nation made peace. “I had to give up eating my enemies when we became frenemies,” he said. “I gave up all other forms of meat after that because I love animals.”

It was in The Happy Isles of Oceania that Theroux wrote: “The former cannibals of Oceania now feast on Spam because Spam came the nearest to approximating the porky taste of human flesh… It was a fact that the people-eaters of the Pacific had all evolved, or perhaps degenerated, into Spam-eaters.”

Ruru-Stevenson agreed to test Theroux’s speculation by tasting Spam for himself. “Wow, that brings me back,” he said after taking a single bite. “Check the ingredients. There’s got to be some people in there somewhere.”

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