Ankles lifts have become the third most popular plastic surgery after breast implants and butt augmentation, a report by the U.S. Plastic Surgery Association states.

“Gravity affects all areas of the body,” said Dr. Rangoon Popova, a cosmetic surgeon in South Beach, Florida. “Everyone knows that breasts sag and butts lose their buoyancy. Now, women are finally beginning to realize that their ankles are dropping as well.”

Ankle lift surgery involves breaking the tibia and fibula bones in the lower legs in two places and removing the segments, then breaking the ankles in two places and switching the bone segments with the ankles. Recovery involves traction and long hospital stays, but with physical therapy patients can be up and walking again within eight to ten months.

“Beauty has its price,” Dr. Popova said. “But you can’t have your breasts and butt lifted and have your ankles dragging near the ground, can you?”

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