The Far Exit


Game of Thrones

Donald Trump’s Game of Thrones

Tyrian Trump slowly climbed the cold stone stairs of Trump Tower, pausing every ten steps or so to catch his breath. The master mason had used the typical measure for the rise between the stair treads, which made progress particularly difficult for Tyrian, who stood only about half the height of a tall man. Continue reading “Donald Trump’s Game of Thrones”


Hillary Clinton’s Game of Thrones

Cersei Clinton looked out from her balcony at the high stone wall of the Traitor’s Walk. A row of decapitated heads set on iron spikes rose from the top of the wall. Though dipped in tar to better preserve them, the heads were swollen and difficult to identify. But Cersei knew them all. Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Game of Thrones”

Scott Walker’s Game of Thrones

After supporting the idea of building a wall along the Canadian border, Wisconsin Governor Scott Kevin Walker walked into a Madison courtroom today and filed a petition to legally change his name to Brandon the Builder, the mythical character in the Game of Thrones saga who built the towering ice Wall that protects the Seven Kingdoms from the Wildlings of the North, and worse. Continue reading “Scott Walker’s Game of Thrones”

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