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San Diego Chargers Want Taxpayers to Pay for Players

The San Diego Chargers have long been threatening to move to Los Angeles unless the City of San Diego foots the bill for a new stadium, but recently the Chargers have taken that demand one step further: They want taxpayers to pay for players as well. Continue reading “San Diego Chargers Want Taxpayers to Pay for Players”


Former NCAA Prostitute Recruiter Speaks

In the wake of claims in the book Breaking Cardinal Rules that a former staffer at the University of Louisville hired prostitutes to have sex with recruits, as well as former NBA and University of Michigan basketball player Jalen Rose’s assertion that as a prospect on a recruiting trip, “If I’m not getting laid, I’m not comin’. I’m not signin’,” (Jalen & Jacoby at 09:30 mark) former NCAA prostitute recruiter, Rod McBally, has decided to come clean. Continue reading “Former NCAA Prostitute Recruiter Speaks”

Gisele Bündchen suspected of Deflating Breast Implants

Tom Brady’s wife and supermodel Gisele Bündchen is under investigation for allegedly deflating the breast implants of a rival model before a fashion show.

“Gisele make me to drink tea before show and I pass out,” said Elena Maria Olazábal Buttinskaya, a Russian-Venezuelan model with the Ford Modeling Agency. “Later I do catwalk and my breasts give big pain.” Continue reading “Gisele Bündchen suspected of Deflating Breast Implants”

Ronda Rousey to Time Travel for Next Match

Having defeated her last three opponents in a combined time of 64 seconds, UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey has chosen to go back in time for her next match. Continue reading “Ronda Rousey to Time Travel for Next Match”

Tebow Retained by Eagles for Hail Mary Plays

Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly revealed his intentions for backup quarterback Tim Tebow during a Tuesday morning press conference. Continue reading “Tebow Retained by Eagles for Hail Mary Plays”

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